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9 Oct 2021
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It takes a number of technologies to create and deliver a modern digital experience to your audience. There’s the Content Management System (CMS) that acts as the foundation, a customer data platform (CDP) that organizes what you know about your audience, a personalization engine to show the right messages to the right people at right time, a site search solution to help visitors find what they are looking for... the list goes on.

But one foundational piece that is often overlooked is the experience delivery solution.

If your delivery solution fails, it does not matter how modern and personal your experiences are, because your visitors can’t see them. That’s why Crownpeak has partnered with the leading cloud delivery platform, Webscale to offer best-in-class experience delivery with enhanced scalability, security, and insight.

To learn more, check out our video or read about the key benefits below.

Crownpeak Delivery Powered by Webscale

Scalability: Predictive auto-scaling

Online traffic is always changing and is affected by both internal marketing activities and promotions and external market events. Because of its dynamic nature, it is impossible to predict the timing and amount of traffic with 100% accuracy. This can lead to either paying too much for capacity or running out of capacity causing costly downtime. Crownpeak Delivery Powered by Webscale solves this problem with predictive auto-scaling.

Webscale’s patented technology monitors subtle changes in traffic and site response times then uses big data and predictive analytics to proactively scale capacity up and down to meet demand. This means that your sites will always be available, but you don’t have to worry about over spending on infrastructure.

Auto-scaling comparison of Webscale vs AWS

Security: 360-degree protection

Online threats to your business and visitors are becoming more sophisticated, so your security must respond and stay ahead. Crownpeak Delivery Powered by Webscale offers the segment’s most complete security technology stack to help you respond to any threats. From rate-limiting to CSP (Content Security Policy) protection and bot management to elastic web application firewalls (WAFs), a myriad of technologies and services work together to keep your experiences secure. With Crownpeak Delivery Powered by Webscale you can be confident that your revenue and reputation are protected at every point of your infrastructure.

Insight: Web Controls and the Webscale Portal

Web traffic is not one-size-fits-all. It is complex and the varying types of traffic should be treated differently. With the Webscale portal, customers not only gain deep insight and visibility into site traffic and infrastructure, but also have access to a powerful custom rules engine for simplifying and automating tasks without a bunch of custom code. For example, Web Controls can be used to re-direct scraper bot traffic to an alternate backend or allow traffic from different geographies to see different kinds of content, languages, or even different currencies, without having to run multiple backends with localized domains, like customer.co.uk for UK customers.

The Webscale portal is designed to have the power an expert site administrator needs, but can be used by anyone, regardless of technical ability.

These are just a few of the benefits available to customers through the Crownpeak Delivery Powered by Webscale partnership, and they are all backed by Crownpeak’s award-winning customer service and Webscale’s industry-leading experts.

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