Content Management

Increase productivity, optimize your speed to market, and improve your sites’ performance with hybrid headless content management.

Flexible and decoupled solution

Offer the best of both worlds to marketers and developers, by leveraging a combination of headless and static content technology. Marketers can easily create and publish content with drag-and-drop visual editing, whilst your developers can customize digital experiences with powerful integrations and technology deployment flexibility.

FirstSpirit editor
Crownpeak FirstSpirit Deployment

Composable and scalable

Customize and scale your content engine by seamlessly integrating with any system. Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit) grows with your business – from managing multiple websites and brands in one place, to rapidly responding to new market trends.

Transform your digital experience

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Accelerate time to market by empowering your marketers with an easy-to-use interface. Your team can create engaging experiences through content across all channels with an intuitive WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) authoring – a no-code, easy-to-understand interface with drag-and-drop capabilities.


“We wanted to build a digital experience platform to suit our company’s global business needs, and Crownpeak helped us accomplish that…”

Carlos Carvalho, Global Head of Websites, GROHE

Solution use cases

Accelerate your time to market

Business leaders can improve team productivity and overall success with a CMS that equally supports marketers and developers to deliver content on any channel.

Optimize your global marketing

With multi-site and multi-language management, built-in translation and localization, you can reach your audience in every destination.

Boost team efficiency by leveraging AI

Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit) uses AI technology to optimize the editorial process, giving your marketing team complete control over the creation, management and publication of content.

Customize your technology stack

Deliver exceptional digital experiences on desktop, mobile and other channels with modern web APIs (using REST and GraphQL).

Personalize your digital experiences

Design experiences that are tailored to each customers’ preferences across every channel.

Transform your digital experience

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