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We understand that accessibility technology has its limitations, especially for large global enterprises with substantial and diverse amounts web properties and content – which is why we offer human-centric services to support both big and small accessibility projects, depending on your digital transformation goals.

Putting people first with clear guidance and experts who care

Genuine site and content accessibility requires you to go to the source: your code. In-house expert services provide you with reliable solutions, focusing on usability as well as compliance. Understanding your business and internal workflows allows your dedicated team of accessibility experts to create custom solutions for your digital assets and educate your wider team enough to take ownership of your organization’s compliance goals now and in the future.

Accessibility Putting People First
Accessibility Audits

Accessibility audits for actionable insights

Your dedicated experts will conduct thorough accessibility audits to assess the compliance level of your digital assets. We’ll examine websites, applications, documents, and other digital content, identifying accessibility gaps and providing detailed reports with actionable recommendations.

Remediation services to secure a solid accessibility foundation

We’ll conduct code-level remediation, addressing all accessibility issues that were identified during audits or as part of your ongoing development process. Our experts work closely with your development teams, implementing best practices and making necessary modifications to ensure compliance and accessibility.

Accessibility Remediation Services
Accessibility User Testing and Validation

User testing and validation to ensure effectiveness

To ensure the usability and effectiveness of your accessible solutions, we’ll conduct comprehensive user testing. Our team includes individuals with disabilities who rigorously evaluate your digital assets, providing valuable insights and feedback for further enhancements.

Training and consultancy

We provide customized accessibility training programs tailored to your organization's needs. Our interactive workshops and consultancy services educate your teams about accessibility guidelines, best practices, and techniques for designing and developing inclusive digital experiences.

Accessibility Training and Consultancy
Accessibility Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance

Accessibility is an ongoing commitment, and we offer continuous support to maintain compliance. Our team monitors accessibility standards, provides updates on regulatory changes, and offers ongoing maintenance services to keep your digital assets accessible and up to date.

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