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Relevant and lightning-speed searches that make it quick and easy for your shoppers to find and discover what they are looking for every time

Product Discovery starts with search. Shoppers that search are 5x more likely to convert and spend 3x as much as those who don’t.

Crownpeak AI Search ensures fast and highly relevant search that delivers pressure-tested & proven results.


increase in conversion rate for affected searches


increase in product detail page (PDP) click rates


decrease in refined and rephrased searches


increase in commercial value of search


Reduction in Zero Search Results

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From basic to complex we have all search queries covered

Speak your shopper’s language. With over 50x languages supported out of the box.

Remove the complexity of search and merchandising across different regions, requiring different rules, product assortment, local preferences, and promotions from one single instance.

Eliminate zero results from long-tail keyword search. The long-tail accounts for 20% of all search queries are often neglected due to the manual effort required to address complex search queries. Our out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning capabilities enable you to understand even the most complex queries and match intent with relevant results without the manual burden on your team.

Correct spellings and eliminate errors. Don’t let an unintentional shopper mistake affect the brand experience.

Absorb stop words. Don’t get tripped up by articles, pronouns and prepositions in search queries. Our AI-powered search handles stop words with ease to increase the relevance of your results.

Cope with synonyms. Provide a better shopper experience by enabling visitors to search in their own words.

Offer up redirects. Provide a more fluid and relevant experience by redirecting shoppers to relevant pages, such as updated product pages, similar product pages or landing pages.

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3 Steps to improving online revenue with search:

1. Always be relevant

Deliver complete and accurate results for the most complex and unstructured search queries with pre-trained AI algorithms.

2. Make Searching Easy

Use filters and navigation to help your shoppers find and discover the right product fast for a seamless search experience. Suggest search terms, products and content or guide them with configurable filters and facets to deliver a smooth and personalized experience.

3. Start Searchandizing

Apply merchandising rules and strategies to inspire your shopper while meeting your business requirements. Easily set up and configure sorting rules to feature products in search results that deliver the best inventory turnover. Modify results, re-order products, boost or hide products and more to improve outcomes. Utilize our patented ranking cocktail technology for granular control over merchandising strategy. The perfect balance of manual control and direction with AI taking on the heavy lifting.


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