Achieve Digital Excellence & Accessibility Standards Effortlessly with Automated Scanning

Automate workflows to seamlessly enforce digital quality and accessibility standards across your content, ensuring compliance with global regulations and brand consistency from the outset.

With Crownpeak Digital Accessibility and Quality, you can:

Streamline complex accessibility and digital quality checks across expansive digital ecosystems.

Navigate and adhere to global accessibility regulations and company-specific legal standards effortlessly.

Ensure brand consistency and message alignment alongside accessibility, enhancing customer engagement and trust.

Detect and resolve digital quality issues, including brand non-conformance and legal non-compliance, before they affect your audience.

“There is a balance between making accessibility and quality management as simple and centralized as possible and catering to every market’s specific needs. We needed a solution with the power and flexibility to do both, which is why we selected Crownpeak Digital Quality & Accessibility Solution”

Instant Detection and Resolution

Leverage automation with a continuously monitored digital environment. Automatically scan your digital assets in real-time for both accessibility and digital quality issues, ensuring immediate identification and action.

Breathe easy with comprehensive standards coverage. From WCAG compliance to brand standards and legal requirements, ensure every aspect of your digital presence aligns with your organization's values and regulations.

Seamless Integration, Wide-Ranging Compatibility

Remain flexible with adaptability across platforms. Ensure web pages, mobile apps, PDFs, and other digital formats comply with both accessibility standards and brand guidelines, tailored to your specific digital environment.

Integrate with out of the box Universal CMS and platform compatibility. Integrate effortlessly with any CMS and digital platforms, leveraging APIs for a cohesive approach to digital quality and accessibility across all your assets.

Prioritized Issue Resolution

Achieve targeted, impact-focused remediation. Receive prioritized insights, spotlight critical digital quality and accessibility issues for efficient resolution, ensuring your digital content meets both compliance and brand standards.

Remain proactive with actionable, detailed guidance. Obtain clear, step-by-step remediation advice to address digital quality and accessibility issues at their source, tailored to your specific content and platforms.

Comprehensive Compliance and Quality Dashboard:

Monitor and Analyze Performance. Track your digital assets' compliance and quality status with an intuitive dashboard, offering insights into brand consistency, legal compliance, and accessibility trends.

Stay informed with strategy with analytics. Utilize analytics to guide your digital quality and accessibility strategies, ensuring decisions are data-driven and focused on enhancing customer experience and brand integrity.

Accessibility Remediation Services

Frequently Asked Questions:

A technology-driven solution that continuously reviews your digital content against established web accessibility guidelines and company-specific digital quality standards, including brand consistency and legal compliance, reporting issues in real-time.

Scans are customized to include your organization’s specific brand guidelines and legal standards, ensuring that all content not only meets global accessibility requirements but also aligns with your brand's voice and adheres to pertinent regulations.

Yes, the scanning framework is fully customizable to include your unique brand standards, legal compliance needs, and any other company-specific criteria, ensuring a holistic approach to digital quality and accessibility.

By ensuring that your digital content is both accessible and aligned with your brand and legal standards, you enhance the user experience, build trust, and ensure a consistent message across all platforms, driving deeper customer engagement.

The solution is designed for easy integration with existing CMS platforms and workflows, enabling seamless checks and adjustments as part of your ongoing content creation and publishing processes, without the need for complex technical knowledge.


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