Consent Management Platform (CMP) built for enterprises

Unlock a seamless customer experience with Crownpeak's Enterprise Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Comply with global privacy laws effortlessly

Crownpeak's Universal Consent Platform (UCP) empowers enterprises to quickly comply with global privacy laws. Implementation is a breeze - simply add a single tag to your website once you gain access to the platform. Kickstart your compliance journey with best practice templates tailored to specific privacy laws, and count on our dedicated support at every step, from initial notice setup to staying abreast of new regulations worldwide.

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Take control with our enterprise CMP

Our market-leading consent solution is just the beginning - the Crownpeak Consent Management Platform (CMP) for enterprises offers unrivaled insights and unparalleled control over data-sharing technologies on your websites. Real-time visibility into all technologies operating on your site, their associated partners, and their data collection and sharing methods lets you exercise decisive control with a single click. Stay confident in your compliance with continuously updated consent notices, accurately reflecting your technology usage.

Safeguard user data with TagControl

Identify and mitigate risks with ease using TagControl. Gain visibility into unauthorized third-parties accessing user data and take action by blocking unwanted tags with a simple click. Furthermore, TagControl empowers you to preview tags before integrating them into your website, ensuring a fast and secure user experience moving forward.

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Empower marketers for seamless customer engagement

While legal requirements are crucial, marketing's role in providing an engaging customer experience shouldn't be compromised. Crownpeak's Consent Management Platform empowers marketers to reclaim control, ensuring a seamless customer journey while maintaining the highest levels of compliance. Meaningful customer engagement doesn't need to be hindered by consent processes. With our CMP, deliver exceptional customer value across channels and support their purchasing journey the right way.