International Search & Merchandising

Think Global – Act Local with world class product discovery designed for merchandisers and high performing international retailers.

Algorithms that just ‘Get’ Localization

Remove the complexity of search and merchandising across different regions, requiring different rules, product assortment, local preferences, and promotions from one single instance.

Multi-language and easy management of 50+ markets in a single environment

Advanced user management across multiple categories and regions

Create global rules that automatically adapt to local market data to maximise your market opportunity and revenue growth.

merchandising strategy and AB-test


Out Of The Box languages to reach shoppers in


of Zero Search Results. Get your customer to the right product every time. No more missed opportunities.


less time and effort by automating and removing manual routine tasks

“At ASOS, we are very data-driven. We have nine sites now, with different rules for each. Through the ability to override those rules and be really flexible, Fredhopper allows us to cover both bases.”

Bronte Naylor-Jones, Trading Optimization Specialist, ASOS

Search is More Than Just Search

Search is More Than Just Search

AI Search

Never miss an opportunity to present the right product to the customer every time. Our approach to search combines keyword, semantic, product fingerprinting, and customer behavior to ensure a relevant result is always given to your shopper understanding context and intent.

Our pre-trained algorithms reduce zero search results by 98% and search refinement by 14% on average making the buyer journey easier as shoppers find and discover what they want and convert faster.


Producing accurate results to search queries is just one element of producing a good search experience. The ability to searchandise, blending search results with merchandising strategy, is what drives real revenue and margin improvement.

Our business controls allow merchandising teams to implement strategies behind search results leveraging our patented ranking cocktail capabilities.

Optimize your search results to drive better engagement, click through, and assortment against your business strategy, be it to reduce future mark down risk, improve visibility of trending products, or localize based on regional preferences. Ranking cocktails allow you to implement and optimize your business strategies to trade smarter and save merchandisers time with up to 60% improvement to day to day tasks.

Replicate the best in-store merchandising experience online

Replicate the best in-store merchandising experience online

Our visual merchandising capabilities drive better engagement, differentiation of the shopping experience, and ultimately better conversion.

Blend the science and strategy of merchandising with the art of curating engaging experiences that make shopping and discovery enjoyable.


Product Discovery Engine Buyer's Guide

This guide, produced by London Research in partnership with Crownpeak, provides an objective set of evaluation criteria for assessing product discovery engine vendors, grouped into practical use-case models and drawing from real-world experience to help you through this decision-making process.

The State of Product Discovery in Digital Commerce 2023

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