Deliver individualized recommendations at scale

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Guide your shoppers throughout the entire buying journey with personalized product and content recommendations, across any channel and at every digital touch point.

Our customers’ results speak for themselves


increase in conversion directly from recommendations


increase in eCommerce click-through rates directly from recommendations


increase in email click-through rates


increase in click-through rate from recommendations as a result of re-engagement activity


increase in average order value

“Before, our systems were holding our team back. With Crownpeak Product Recommendations they were able to speed up development and testing.”

Achieve greater business outcomes with dynamic, personalized 121 recommendations

AI can make sense of millions of purchases and content experiences offering up shoppers something that is relevant and inspiring. Data doesn’t lie.

Recommendations drive around 7x more product views per visit on average, so increase micro-conversions and boost overall conversion.

Crownpeak serves up products or content based on similar or complementary searches, best sellers, as well as cross- and upselling. A/B test algorithms provide the best recommendations and use merchandising rules to complement the test results.

1 to 1 personalization
personalization or retargeting

Hyper-relevant recommendations from day one

Show the most relevant products to each shopper every time. Recommend products that match the shopper’s intent based on real-time browsing behavior.

Leverage real-time data, third party data, shopper behaviors, and product/customer data: Offer truly personalized 121 recommendations.

Take advantage of ready-to-use pre-trained algorithms: Available straight out of the box for fast ROI.

Continuously train the algorithms: Leverage brand values and experience to optimize.

Our customers have seen significant results from applying our personalization algorithms:


of the turnover now generated via 20% of the products that have personalized recommendations applied


boost to adds-to-basket from personalized recommendations

Inspire at every shopper touchpoint

Tailor the entire product discovery experience, ensuring each shopper sees the right product and content across all channels.

Encourage shoppers to view more products and increase their likelihood of converting through product and content recommendations across the home, category, product detail and basket pages.

Extend the online shopping experience and bring them back to your website with personalized re-engagement campaigns via email personalization.

Still thinking about these product personalization

“LaRedoute provided highly targeted content for each shopper profile that resulted in 40% increase in CTR from personalized recommendations.”

Product console merchandising rules

Harness upselling and cross-selling

Automatically show products with cross-sell recommendations based on real-time behavior to increase average order value and drive additional purchases.

Ease product discovery by displaying similar recommendations on product detail pages.

Recommend visually similar alternatives to the product displayed.

Utilize Shop-the-Look to sell the entire ensemble, making editorial images shoppable.

Use upsell recommendations in the check-out page to reach the shipping threshold and increase basket value.

Build loyalty and increase lifetime value

Provide a seamless shopping experience and increase repeat purchases

Let shoppers pick up where they left off, with recommendations based on browsing history and recently viewed.

Re-engage shoppers and follow up on any abandoned purchases with personalized recommendations based on their onsite preferences, activity, and attributes. This level of engagement cements loyalty.

Utilize email personalization to offer each shopper highly targeted content. Capitalize on key consumer milestones or follow-up after a visit or cart abandonment to re-engage.

omnichannel personalization
algorithm rules merchandising strategy

Increase sell-through rate (STR)

The right blend of AI and manual control allows you to guide our algorithms to best get you faster to your your goals with the power of merchandising plus recommendations.

Recommend visually similar alternatives to the product displayed to maximize conversions and never miss a sale due to out-of-stock items again!

Apply merchandising rules and strategies to meet brand identity, stock levels and margin.

Use the data to update the purchasing team on trends and behavior for better buying decisions.

“Visually similar recommendations have helped us present products that meet our shoppers’ requirements without compromising on the original style of the product that attracted them in the first place. It has also encouraged seamless product discovery and inspiration with shoppers now purchasing new but similar styles and products across our vast product range.”

Rachel Tigel, Senior Ecommerce Manager, Forever New


Product Discovery Engine Buyer's Guide

This guide, produced by London Research in partnership with Crownpeak, provides an objective set of evaluation criteria for assessing product discovery engine vendors, grouped into practical use-case models and drawing from real-world experience to help you through this decision-making process.

The State of Product Discovery in Digital Commerce 2023

The State of Product Discovery in Digital Commerce 2023, produced by London Research in partnership with Crownpeak, highlights what ecommerce leaders are doing to optimise performance.

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