Craft meaningful digital experiences by composing your own DXP

Future-proof your technology stack, drive customer loyalty and power sustainable growth with a composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

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Compose your own DXP and build meaningful digital experiences for everyone, everywhere

Grow your revenue with composable and scalable architecture

Have the freedom and flexibility to assemble your digital experience ecosystem on your terms. By fully owning every piece of the puzzle, you can enable everyone, from your employees to your partners, to enhance your customer journeys and grow your business.

Build a single source of truth with experience orchestration and visual composition

Bring together multiple distinct tools and components into a single user interface by combining content from any data source such as DAM, PIM, CRM or social media. Low-code/no-code experience orchestrations remove barriers to entry and improve automation at scale.

Customer Testimonial

"A great DXP offering, that provides a good balance of core functionality and easy of integrating third party tools."
Technical Product Manager

Hybrid Content Management solutions

Hybrid Content Management solutions

Offer marketers and developers the best of both worlds by leveraging a combination of headless and pre-rendered static content technologies. Marketers can easily create engaging content on every channel, regardless of the technology stack or location, whilst your developers can customize experiences with powerful integration capabilities and unlimited technology flexibility.

Digital Accessibility and Quality

Expand your reach, stay compliant and improve web performance with Digital Accessibility and Quality tools. Combine the power of automation with expert manual testing and remediation to create more accessible experiences, optimize your SEO and drive brand trust.

Digital Accessibility and Quality

AI-powered Product Discovery

Build seamless, intuitive and relevant shopping experiences that drive online revenue with AI-powered search, advanced visual merchandising and personalized product recommendations. Using the blend of smart automation with creative control, inspire shoppers to purchase, localize at ease and accelerate business growth.

AI technology

Use AI to complete daily tasks faster and make experiences better. Improve your content and deliver one-to-one personalized product recommendations with our AI-powered solutions that use a combination of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), deep learning and a range of high-performance algorithms.

AI technology

Architecture and integrations. Do more with less by leveraging our modern composable DXP solution.


Combine different tools and capabilities to create, manage, and deliver content and experiences across digital touchpoints that allow all of your teams to collaborate effectively.


By fusing the best of headless and coupled technology, our CMS solution empowers marketers to create engaging experiences whilst your developers can innovate for the future.


Work without delays, on your terms, with a host of fully flexible tools that seamlessly integrate together to reduce time to market and make it easy to adapt to changing business needs.


Build an integrated technology stack that is right for your business and orchestrate the best digital experiences. Our solutions provide an open integration framework, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate third-party tools and data. A variety of APIs, SDKs, and pre-built integrations with e-commerce tools empower your developers to innovate at a fast pace.

Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Our solutions have been designed to meet your security needs.

The Crownpeak DXP meets the highest industry standards for security and regulatory compliance. We provide 24/7 support, a Security Operations Center (SOC) and a Security Information and Event Management Platform (SIEM). Our host of independent audits and certifications includes AICPA SOC 2, ISAE 3000, EU-US Privacy Shield, Swiss-US Privacy Shield, and ISO 27001.

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Composable DXP Buyer’s Guide: Build Future-Ready Digital Experiences

"Best-in-breed" or "composable" technology strategies are rapidly gaining traction in the market and are increasingly the analyst-recommended approach, as companies look to move away from the slow-moving monolithic platforms of the past.

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The State of Website Accessibility 2024

The State of Website Accessibility 2024, produced by London Research in partnership with Crownpeak, explores how organisations are planning on meeting new accessibility regulations, what the benefits of working with an accessibility partner are, the drivers of web accessibility investment and more.

Digital Accessibility and Quality