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faster time-to-market for product and brand communications


Improvement in publication efficiency


increase in mobile traffic! Deliver omnichannel experiences

Freedom of choice, unlimited value.

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The Crownpeak CMS, powered by First Spirit offers complete architectural flexibility to work with your strategy of choice whether you opt for headless APIs, static content delivery, or a blend of both.


Pragmatic companies choose Crownpeak because it extends the life of existing digital touchpoints by natively driving content to them when other providers require you to rebuild if incompatible with their technology.

Speed to market

Crownpeak CMS enables IT and marketing teams to work in parallel on separate digital touchpoints to deliver content globally at 8x the speed to market of other providers.

Native accessibility and quality support

Crownpeak is the only SaaS CMS with built-in digital accessibility and quality capabilities that allow you to preemptively remediate issues from the editorial process.

Built for commerce

We’re ecommerce experts – just ask our deep customer base of leading global retail brands. Our seamless integration with commerce platforms and with our AI-powered product discovery solution intelligently connects content with commerce to drive revenue lift.

editing text in CMS component

Experience composition

Build phenomenal digital experiences with an intuitive, no-code visual editor and low-code developer tooling for optimal flexibility and agility.

• Compose effortlessly with customizable page templates, drag-and-drop components, and in-line editing.

• Preview and fine-tune omnichannel experiences, with an accessibility & quality checker, regardless of your chosen CMS architecture.

• Rev up your productivity with AI-powered content generation for copy and SEO metadata.

Experience delivery

Our hybrid CMS powers perfectly synchronized omnichannel digital experiences at scale and speed. Extend the life of existing digital touchpoints and add new, infinite number of channels.

• Work with any front-end technology that makes the most sense for each task, whether in headless or static scenarios.

• Deliver content as-a-service in milliseconds at the exact moment needed on the customer’s channel of choice.

• Jumpstart your implementation with accelerator templates and development toolkits that help you launch in weeks, not months.

showing how to deploy a page on Crownpeak CMS

Experience Multisite Management at Scale

The unbeatable choice for global brands, reach your audience in every destination and language and streamline content operations across teams.

• Reuse content components and apply changes from a single page across hundreds of sites.

• Trigger built-in translation for content localization in multiple languages.

• Customize workflows with granular permission systems to adapt to the complexity of your organization.

Experience Content Personalization with the power of Dynamic Yield

Create cohesive buyer journeys and hyper-personalized customer experiences that draw prospects to you and keep them engaged.

• Merge customer data across all digital and offline touchpoints for an enriched view of each user or segment.

• Personalize each touchpoint with relevant content for dynamic audiences, powered by advanced algorithms.

• A/B test on any channel to optimize journeys, maximize content performance and unlock growth.

Personalize at scale to win loyal customers

Experience why we’re on top of analysts’ minds

Hybrid Headless CMS Leader (2023) from IDC MarketScape

Market Leader - Enterprise Content Management Software (Winter 2023) by FeaturedCustomers

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