Hybrid Content Management Systems (CMS): The Next Generation of the Headless CMS

Hybrid CMS: The Next Generation of the Headless CMS

For organizations today, the ability to rapidly manage and deliver omnichannel, high-impact digital experiences is critical to fuel great customer experiences. Selecting a modern, future proof CMS requires knowledge of the different types of CMSes available in the market.

This eBook will help you understand everything you wanted to know about hybrid, headless and decoupled content management systems. The eBook has been prepared for Marketers and IT leaders to answer the most common questions that arise when we hear the terms hybrid, headless and decoupled CMS.

  • What is a headless CMS and Content-as-a-Service?
  • How is it different than a traditional or decoupled CMS?
  • What role does Content-as-a-Service play?
  • Why is a hybrid CMS the next generation of a headless CMS?
  • What are the business and technical benefits of a hybrid and headless CMS?
  • What are key criteria to selecting a hybrid CMS vendor?

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