First impressions matter, personalize every micro-moment

Bring together content, analytics, machine learning, and customer data on a single screen to create bespoke and optimized experiences your customers love.

Meet and exceed your pipeline and revenue targets. With personalization you can:

Improve customer engagement

Personalized content makes customers feel seen and valued. Their elevated experience translates into extended time spent on your website and a higher likelihood of return visits.

Increase conversion rate

Personalization ensures customers receive content that are likely to resonate with them which enhances the likelihood that they'll take action and bring repeat business.

Operationalize on data-driven customer insights

Implementing personalization allows you to gather vast amounts of customer data and generate insights to empower decision making, leading to better business outcomes.

Power deep personalization with cutting-edge AI.

The Dynamic Yield Intelligent Content Engine helps you personalize anything that impacts the digital experience—layout, menu bars, display ads, pop-ups, CTAs, text, etc.—for any channel according to each visitor’s unique persona or on-line behavior.

Real-time optimization. Automatically restructure page layout or design according to each visitor’s intent signals

Advanced targeting. Serve 1:many and 1:1 content personalization.

Multi-touchpoint personalization. Deliver campaigns and experiments for different customer journeys.

personalizing headline text
personalizing headline text

Really understand your audiences

How do you create unshakable customer loyalty? Know thy customer. Obtain a wealth of data about your customers' preferences, market trends, and emerging opportunities, to empower your team to optimize offerings, campaigns and business strategy.

360-degree customer view. Onboard data from any internal or external source.

AI powered segmentation. Build advanced profiles and segments.

Data sync. Share customer data across sites and devices to create one cohesive and synchronized experience.

Smash your KPIs

Ensure continuous optimization for KPIs such as revenue growth, not just conversions or clicks, by executing predictive tests. Automated customizations help you maximize the value of marketing content with minimal time investment on your part.

Smart dashboard. Quantify the impact of dynamic content changes on your KPIs.

Multivariate tests. Experiment on anything from layouts to CTAs and deliver the best performing combinations for each user.

Predictive targeting. Scan every content variation’s performance across segments to identify personalization opportunities.

Smash your KPIs

Top 5 Use Cases for Personalization

Optimizing In-App Content

Run highly targeted experiments on in-app content or elements. The Crownpeak CMS allows you to roll out updates and release changes without having to wait for app store approvals.

Deliver Relevant Email Campaigns

Create intelligent links that dynamically route users to different content variations, automatically optimized for the goals you set.

Execute Dynamic Display Ads

Automatically split traffic between ad variations and Crownpeak CMS will dynamically select the best performing ad for you for better adwords results.

Publish Dynamic Behavioral Messaging

Anticipate needs, create urgency and drive latent users back to their preferred channel with perfectly timed, behavioral-triggered overlays and notifications, retargeting display ads, exit intent overlays, emails, and more.

Game-Changing Account Based Marketing

Modify content and direct users to dynamically created, account-focused pages or sites based on user’s account and relevant intelligence from any data source.

“When I joined MediaMarkt, we had a very diverse set of tools that were used for different purposes: testing, recommendations, messaging, cart recovery, and more. Since starting...we’ve reduced the total cost of ownership, and we enjoy a lot of new and valuable functionality that we hadn’t had before enabling us to launch and test campaigns on a weekly basis leading to a true customer centered online shopping experience.”

David Geisen, Chief Digital Officer, MediaMarkt Iberia

Frequently Asked Question:

Crownpeak employs Dynamic Yield’s AffinityML which self-trains using historical patterns and user activities, learning sequences of events leading to desired outcomes like a product purchase. Continuously updating with each user action, it predicts the product attributes the user has an affinity for in real-time.


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