Multisite Management Made Possible

Scale publishing, expand reach, optimize workloads

Build a content strategy as sophisticated as your customers, without the complication of disparate sites, workflows and systems.

The game-changing benefits of robust multisite management

Time to market

Compose digital experiences rapidly, re-using templates, sections, content, and digital assets from existing touchpoints.

Uniform brand representation

Guarantee consistency in messaging, branding, and user experience across your sites—all from one CMS interface.

Time-saving productivity

Eliminate redundant work on global, corporate content so your teams can focus on deepening engagement with localization.

Create once, publish everywhere

Maintain global corporate control of hundreds of websites and digital experiences across markets, brands, and countries, while permitting local teams to tailor content and run marketing campaigns in their respective markets.

Content bundling. Publish multiple assets in a single action for elevated efficiency.

1-click distribution. Share and update content in numerous touchpoints instantly.

Central dashboard. Stay on top of all deployed bundles, their target sites, and versioning.

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Governance that scales

Governance that scales

Streamline content operations with enterprise-level governance including versioning, workflows and user permissions. Customize and trigger sophisticated workflows for automation and enforcing approvals before content is published.

User permissions. Manage teams, individual users, and their permissions at granular level, down to the content element.

Scheduling. Execute content review and publishing on time.

Status report. Keep track of live and completed workflows, so you know exactly where your content is in the process.

Scripts. Define and trigger custom workflows to maximize efficiency.

Speak in the language of your customers

Translate and localize content using built-in Crownpeak translation service, or easily integrate with best-of-breed translation management systems to ensure your content is globally consistent and locally relevant.

AI-powered translation. Delivers translations with precision in 50+ languages.

Translation studio. Built-in system that connects to both automated and manual translation providers.

use data to improve conversion rates

“An absolute highlight is how easy it is to distribute and reuse content which allows us to effectively target specific user groups on our websites and in sales campaigns according to region/country and interest.”


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