Hybrid CMS – The Next Generation of the Headless CMS

29 Sept 2023
Posted by Crownpeak
Hybrid CMS – The Next Generation of the Headless CMS

Content management systems (CMS) have been used for more than 25 years, but as business needs and customer demands have grown exponentially, the headless CMS has become more popular. The headless CMS is revolutionizing digital experiences across a wide range of digital channels and devices, empowering organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences faster.

Today’s pureplay headless CMS lacks many of the core capabilities of a “traditional” CMS, such as:

• Support for workflow and collaboration

• Scale content management across multiple brands, countries and languages

• Offer ease of use for non-technical users

• The interoperability required to enable a next generation digital experience (DX) ecosystem

Hybrid CMS – The Next Generation of the Headless CMS

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The hybrid CMS, the next generation of content management, combines all of the advantages of a headless CMS with those of a more traditional enterprise-class CMS, including:


Leverage the power of deep integration, typically offered by a more traditional CMS, to enable fast, powerful interconnections within any digital experience ecosystem.

• Free up content with headless CMS capabilities – enabling it to be used by any next generation frontend or device (e.g., SPAs, PWAs, conversational platforms, digital signs or IoT devices).

• Do it all without costly and time-intensive re-platforming of your existing CMS (because a hybrid CMS can work alongside your existing CMS).


• A hybrid CMS is a key part of modernizing your technology stack to establish one source of content truth.

• Your content is accessible, useable and manageable by anyone within or outside of your organization (as you allow).

• Drive a more consistent, inspiring and relevant experience for customers – regardless of what stage they are in of the buyer journey.


• A hybrid CMS will grow with your needs including enabling new devices and channels.

• Support new business models as your company grows by simplifying technical complexity and reducing time to market.

• Today’s leading hybrid CMS offers the ability to personalize content-driven experiences at scale.

An enterprise-class hybrid CMS that includes headless and decoupled capabilities offers significant opportunity for companies to bring more inspiring, content-driven experiences to their B2B and B2C customers. Developers, marketers and other digital experience professionals don’t need to be held back by the monolithic, traditional CMS or pure-play headless CMS that lacks scalability and/or ease of use for non-technical teams.

A hybrid CMS gives you the ability to create and deliver the ideal connected digital experience for each individual customer – in the right context and at the right time and place – to drive greater engagement and revenue.

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