Empower Marketers with Seamless Web Accessibility and Content Control

2 Nov 2023
Take your content Experience to the next level with Digital Accessibility and Quality solutions natively embedded in the content management process

To deliver engaging digital experiences that convert, marketers need complete control over the creation and management of content. But as organizations grow and expectations spiral, help to centralize and optimize content is essential to thrive. Announced today, is the new web accessibility viewer, DQM Connect, set to transform how organizations make their content accessible for non-technical users. Available to those who already leverage our Digital Accessibility and Quality (DQM) solution, users can find and fix web accessibility and quality issues with their content before publishing, right from the UI of the Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit) for ultimate convenience and control.

Avoid the risks and reap the rewards

Digital accessibility compliance is in the news more often than ever before. DQM Connect takes the complexity out of compliance by ensuring the perfection of your pages before they make their grand debut, right where you shape your content.

You can make sure your content is not just high-quality, but also compliant with customer policies, web standards and regulations like Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, and the upcoming European Accessibility Act (EAA).

Compliance with accessibility standards isn’t the only advantage. You’ll also see your brand’s website climb search rankings effortlessly.

Including accessibility features such as text alternatives for images, closed captioning and video transcripts boosts SEO and drives more traffic to your site. Search engines use the extra text to better navigate search results so your website gets seen much faster as you take prime spot in the rankings.

Assembling a user-friendly experience for every one of your visitors converts to a reduced bounce rate and less negative feedback, translating to more customer loyalty and a better reputation. All in all, complying with accessibility regulations is, without a doubt, the gift that keeps on giving.

Granting more control to your marketers

Having all your content under one roof streamlines the successful delivery of content to the screens of your audience. With DQM Connect, your marketers don’t have to guess what your content needs to meet the requirements of those with a disability, DQM Connect provides a clear dashboard where problems are flagged and priorities are ranked.

Time spent reviewing and fixing errors can be spent elsewhere, saving time and reducing costs This launch also eases the burden on IT teams, paving the way for marketing to elevate their digital content, on their terms.

Removing silos and accelerating time-to-market

Constantly creating content that is relevant to specific personas for every digital channel is not easy for any marketing team, but take away the silos and suddenly things get a lot easier to manage.

DQM Connect enables teams to centralize content management in order to deliver accessible digital experiences across brands, channels, and regions at scale and at speed. With a centralized view from within Crownpeak CMS, FirstSpirit, your marketing team will find it effortless to transform content, regardless of where they want it to go, accelerating time-to-market in the long run.

Wrapping up

DQM Connect is about supporting marketing teams grappling with accessibility projects to improve overall digital experiences. By streamlining the process and making sure your content is accessible before it has been published, you’ll see huge improvements in your bottom line and better engagement from your customers.

Want to learn more? We dig into the details of the tech specifications in our solution brief here. Check back in on our blog to keep up-to-date with all the latest and greatest updates.