Data Privacy & Marketing Series: The Tipping Point for Global Regulation & Risk? | Watch on Demand

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In part two of our Data Privacy and Marketing Webinar Series, we explore how the recent Schrems II decision will impact the global flow of information and the implications for your data practices.

Data protection can no longer be an afterthought or a patchwork of technology solutions that leave your customers vulnerable to bad actors and poor web experiences. Trust is undermined if your privacy technology cannot inform customers where their data is stored and how they can manage it.

Organizations require a privacy-centric strategy that focuses on governance, security and customer experience, beyond the “cookie banner”. We’ll explore this wheel of protection and how an understanding of website tags, trackers, cookies and the right privacy technology can improve customer experience, build trust, and future proof your company.

Marketing & Privacy Teams will learn:

  • The evolution of tracking technology and how to futureproof your company
  • How tracking works and what you can do to protect your users
  • Putting partner data at the forefront of your strategy 
  • Best practices for building secure privacy programs


Bill Littman headshot

William Littman, Director Legal Affairs, Crownpeak
William is the head of legal affairs for Crownpeak. He has 20 years of intellectual property and technology licensing experience working with large financial institutions and early and late stage SaaS companies. William holds CIPP/US and CIPP/E certifications and has authored numerous articles about identity and privacy management.

Jason Breed headshot

Jason Breed, Global Partnerships Lead, Crownpeak
Jason leads the growth of the Crownpeak ecosystem across agencies, technology partners, and alliances. With deep expertise leading complex, transformative change across industries and companies, Jason has built new business growth initiatives at both IBM and Accenture.

Zach Edwards headshot

Zach Edwards, Founder, Victory Medium
Zach is the founder of analytics and optimization agency Victory Medium. His data supply research has been featured in the New York Times, the Financial Times, and other industry publications. Zach also holds a CIPP/US certificate and conducts cross-device privacy and data flow audits to help organizations optimize compliant data flow.

Will Broadhead headshot

Will Broadhead, Sr. Director Engineering, Crownpeak
Will is a Product & Engineering leader with 20 years’ experience in privacy management, digital experience platforms and ERP. Will has created high-tech, B2B and B2C SaaS solutions for government, education, financial services, Military, SMB and Fortune 500 organizations.