Data Privacy & Marketing Series: How Schrems II is Raising the Privacy Risk Stakes | Watch on Demand

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Data privacy regulation is intensifying. Europe’s top court recently invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield in a ruling known as Schrems II, moving the privacy debate into the realm of geopolitics and trade wars, and impacting how companies manage, store and transfer data.

As GDPR, CCPA and LGPD emphasized the importance of “consent” and the management of personal data, Schrems II presents an opportunity for enterprises to deploy robust privacy frameworks and rebuild consumer trust. 

A critical step for marketers is to examine the underlying risk associated with the tags, pixels and trackers on their websites; understand which entities are storing personal data; and minimize potential data leaks to bad actors.

Marketing & Privacy Teams will learn:

  • What the Schrems II ruling means for international companies
  • The risk of managing data flows in partnerships and vendor relationships
  • The different types of tracking technologies, including the misunderstood “cookie”
  • Why the proliferation of consent banners is all just “privacy theatre”
  • Case Study: The leaking of confirmed email addresses to ad tech companies


Bill Littman headshot

William Littman, Director Legal Affairs, Crownpeak
William is the head of legal affairs for Crownpeak. He has 20 years of intellectual property and technology licensing experience working with large financial institutions and early and late stage SaaS companies. William holds CIPP/US and CIPP/E certifications and has authored numerous articles about identity and privacy management.

Jason Breed headshot

Jason Breed, Global Partnerships Lead, Crownpeak
Jason leads the growth of the Crownpeak ecosystem across agencies, technology partners, and alliances. With deep expertise leading complex, transformative change across industries and companies, Jason has built new business growth initiatives at both IBM and Accenture.

Zach Edwards headshot

Zach Edwards, Founder, Victory Medium
Zach is the founder of analytics and optimization agency Victory Medium. His data supply research has been featured in the New York Times, the Financial Times, and other industry publications. Zach also holds a CIPP/US certificate and conducts cross-device privacy and data flow audits to help organizations optimize compliant data flow.

Jeff Wheeler headshot

Jeff Wheeler, Head of Product, Crownpeak
Jeff is a product leader with 15 years’ experience working with data. Jeff currently helps build and guide Crownpeak’s privacy and digital governance product suite, with a focus on digital experiences that gain consumer trust and align organizational marketing objectives.