Why Digital Agility is Critical for Financial Services | Vanson Bourne Survey

Why Digital Agility is Critical for Financial Services

Financial services organizations are facing mounting pressure to accelerate their digital transformation, both from consumers and their fintech competitors. Pressure has further intensified during the pandemic, as organizations struggle to remain competitive in a changed world.

However, both marketing and IT leaders agree that traditional CMS present significant barriers to accomplishing this.

Crownpeak and technology research specialists Vanson Bourne interviewed marketing and IT decision-makers who work for financial services companies on their organizations’ experience with traditional CMS, their time-to-market and the total cost of ownership of their digital experience platforms.

Key findings of the research include:

  • 97% of marketing and IT professionals consider speed and agility very important to digital experience management and delivery
  • Almost 70% believe improvements are required to the speed of their digital experience delivery
  • Increasing the speed of digital experience delivery would result in a 40% average uplift in revenue

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