Video Case Study: doTERRA on Digital Transformation and Adopting Crownpeak's Headless CMS

doTERRA is a $2 billion health and wellness organization and a recognized leader in the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils market. In this recorded webinar, Nick Chugg and Traci McKinney, Digital Product Managers at doTERRA, explain how they harnessed Crownpeak's headless CMS to accelerate digital transformation and deliver agile, multi-channel e-commerce experiences at record speed.

Marketers will learn:

  • Why agility and streamlined operations are essential to digital success
  • How a headless web CMS fuels best-in-class, multi-channel digital experiences
  • How to scale in a multi-country, multi-language digital environment
  • Managing brand, content and communications in a complex martech landscape


Nick Chugg, Digital Product Manager, doTERRA

Nick is a Digital Product Manager with 10 years’ experience in digital business solutions, business strategy and analysis, enterprise information systems and technology integration. At doTERRA, Nick’s focus is the redesign and implementation of eCommerce web experiences globally.

Traci McKinney, Digital Product Manager, doTERRA

Traci is a Product Owner with 20 years direct sales experience, specializing in ecommerce sites for multi-billion dollar companies. She has expertise in content management system implementation and content architecture, implementing sites in over 50 markets and languages. Traci is currently implementing Crownpeak to support doTERRA's new eCommerce experience in the Europe region.

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