The State of Digital Accessibility | Watch On Demand

“The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” – Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

In 2019, plaintiffs filed a record 11,053 accessibility lawsuits based on alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act - an 8.8% jump from 2018.

In 2021, with more of our lives spent online, digital accessibility and accessibility compliance can’t be ignored. By ensuring all digital experiences are accessible, companies can improve their customer experience while also avoiding costly penalties.

We are joined by guests from Wells Fargo Bank and Logic20/20 to discuss the current state of accessibility, trends transforming the market, and the growing risks of non-compliance. We cover:

  • Top accessibility trends and strategies for 2021
  • Challenges organizations face in addressing digital accessibility, and how to overcome them
  • Effective ways to centralize your organization’s approach
  • How to demonstrate ROI for digital accessibility


Dena Wainwright, VP/Enterprise Digital Accessibility, Wells Fargo Bank

As someone with her own disability, Dena Wainwright has devoted over 25 years to making digital products and services accessible to and usable for people with disabilities. Since 2015, Dena has been the VP/Enterprise Digital Accessibility Program Team Manager at Wells Fargo Bank. She has worked for Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), SAP, and HP. Dena has a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. Connect with Dena on LinkedIn.

Kevin Moos, Managing Director, Logic20/20

Kevin is recognized for his experience with accessibility, data privacy, and data governance. He has 30+ years of experience successfully delivering business and technical projects and has lent his expertise to several prestigious industry panels on data privacy, data governance and other topics. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.

Chris Sigala, General Manager Digital Quality Management and Chief of Staff, Crownpeak

As the General Manager of Crownpeak’s Digital Quality Management business, Chris drives the overall strategy and execution of the product business. In addition, as the Chief of Staff and member of Crownpeak’s Executive Leadership team, Chris is responsible for managing strategic initiatives, business operations and investor relations. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

Kathryn Putt, Product Director, Crownpeak

As a Solutions Engineer for Crownpeak's Digital Quality Management product, Kathryn works directly with the sales and customer success teams. Kathryn helps organizations create best-practice governance processes utilizing the DQM tool. In addition, Kathryn has created and runs the DQM enablement program at Crownpeak. Connect with Kathryn on LinkedIn.

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