Product Discovery 101

A whopping 73% of European consumers now shop online which is only estimated to increase. However, the ease and accessibility that online brings, means shoppers are becoming less loyal to their favourite brands. All the while their expectations are rising with every new experience.

The challenge for ecommerce retailers is to provide the right products to the right shoppers on the right channel at the right time.

This Product Discovery 101 guide, written in collaboration with E-Commerce Nation (ECN) , provides key insights, best practices and case studies to help you improve your product discovery experience.

Inside the guide, you'll find information on:

  • Smart search, personalised recommendations and intelligent merchandising best practices.
  • The trends and customer expectations customers have when it comes to their shopping experiences.
  • Examples of how leading retailers such as Superdry and Maxoutil are driving success in their ecommerce store.

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