Modernizing Digital Quality Management: How Crownpeak’s DQM's new UI Streamlines Accessibility, SEO, and More | Watch On Demand

How Crownpeak’s DQM's new UI Streamlines Accessibility, SEO, and More

Your new and improved DQM dashboard is here. Now view the fully redesigned DQM built to streamline the way you manage your digital policies and standards. Not only did we give DQM a modern and sleek interface, we listened to your feedback and added new reports to help monitor sites performance faster than ever.
During this webinar we:

  • Walk you through new design changes and updates created to help increase user productivity.
  • Go through new reports that enable you to scan easy pass/fail statuses for each of your websites.
  • Show you how to manage and customize your checkpoints
  • Show you a sneak peak of what’s coming for Accessibility WCAG 2.2


Janna Moreau, Senior UX Designer, Crownpeak

Passionate UX/UI designer who has had the opportunity to work on a wide verity of products and industries. From a fast-paced agency environment to deep diving into internal platforms at big corporations, Janna is always looking for ways to create impactful products. Enthusiastic about solving complex problems and collaborating with teams on creative solutions that help users accomplish their tasks while accommodating the business goals. Always striving to learn new techniques, skills, and methodologies to constantly keep growing on a professional and personal level. Connect with Janna on LinkedIn.

Aris Ramos, Product Manager, Crownpeak

Aris manages the Digital Quality Management Product for Crownpeak, specializing in web accessibility (WCAG 2.1), SEO and usability. Aris is experienced in web product and project management as well as web/software implementation. Connect with Aris on LinkedIn.

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