How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Shopping Experiences at Scale

24 Aug 2023
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Posted by Crownpeak

Shopping experiences are rapidly evolving. To keep up, brands are embracing new technologies to enhance customer experience and drive more conversions. However, with so many technology options available, it can be difficult to know what’s right for your business and choose the right one to reach your goals. Should you choose a platform that integrates in one click or opt for something more specialist and purpose-built?

Choosing the right solution for your business can lower your costs and help your ecommerce store grow. Take the case of Eminza, an award-winning French home furnishings retailer. They grew their revenue by over 60% in less than five years by switching their Content Management System (CMS), where they could only establish basic merchandising rules, to the AI-powered Crownpeak solution. With Crownpeak Product Discovery, Eminza can deliver more targeted and relevant product recommendations to customers, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Is “at-scale” a buzzword, or a must-have feature?

Scalability is in fact a buzzword. But it’s not just noise, it’s a topic that really does matter to future-proof your business. Scalability prepares you for the unexpected, it helps your business grow and generate revenue without running the risk of being held back by infrastructure or lack of resources. For example, if you don’t have the ability to scale, events such as Black Friday can become a lot more challenging than they need to be. To achieve true scalability, build your brand on a strong foundation with a solution that optimizes processes, increases efficiency and has the agility to evolve as your business changes and grows. Tools that allow you to test, optimize and continuously improve are essential.

Feedback loops, continuous optimization, and machine learning

Tools that hide their algorithms in a black-box cannot provide the necessary insight to drive performance. True “at-scale” solutions need to give you the visibility so you can run reports, A/B tests, and take a data-led approach to orchestration and algorithm implementation. These tools require feedback loops and mechanisms to learn, train their data, and see the results of experiments you run.

Enterprise or agility?

Enterprise tools can be powerful but hard to use and slow to deploy. True “at-scale” solutions marry the best of both worlds with tools that interact through interfaces such as drag-and-drop, data dashboards, and easy-to-understand panels that everyone across the organization can use effectively.

Platform-to-everything. Be omnichannel.

Customers don’t solely experience your brand on a desktop browser anymore. True ‘at-scale’ platforms can connect your channels to provide a seamless, tailored and relevant experience to customers. While platforms like Shopify offer basic tools to achieve this, dedicated platforms for personalization need to feed directly into every channel as if they were purpose-integrated. Choosing the right tools to maximize performance across every channel is crucial.