Customer Awards 2023 Winners Announced…

27 Jul 2023
Customer Awards 2023 Winners Announced

Our Customer Awards recognises customers who have used creativity and flair in their use of Crownpeak Product Discovery solutions. From fostering small but impactful changes to generating big business results, the Awards are open to all our customers who have used the platforms smartly to bring about positive changes to their retail business.

This year, we had 5 awards up for grabs, so without further ado we are delighted to announce this years winners…

Innovator of the Year Award Winner: Mainline Menswear

Innovator of the Year Award Winner: Mainline Menswear

Nominees: Cdiscount, BackMarket, Dr. Martens

The Innovator of the Year award celebrates a customer who has successfully been using our technology to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to their customers, whilst also improving team efficiency and agility.

Having won the ‘Merchandising Legend’ award at our last Customer Conference, the Mainline Menswear team enhanced their usage of our tool and their strategies. They have deployed a new and complex approach to their PLP implementation and merchandising processes, using our Search API to manage filters, as well as our Recommendations API to power the products. This has enabled them to approach a wider and more complex strategy for these pages, curated with a series of fallback strategies and mix of algorithms addressing new and returning customers, as well as different commercial requirements from the brands they work with, all while following their overall business goals.

Mainline Menswear are also in the final stages of launching a brand new app that is powered through its own XO tenant to allow a specific personalisation based on the mobile shoppers’ behaviour, while maintaining a connected journey with their brand across different channels. What’s more, they’re also working on a new email recommendation strategy, as the team is looking to expand their customer reach and capitalise on all opportunities to re-engage their shoppers and drive brand loyalty.

Fantastic work Mainline Menswear!

Personalization Hero Winner: Cdiscount

Personalization Hero Winner: Cdiscount

The Personalisation Hero award celebrates a customer who has been able to demonstrate how they’ve used personalisation to create highly relevant experiences for each moment on the shopper journey.

Recently Cdiscount has made huge steps forward on multiple fronts:

  • advanced personalisation strategies using user search activities to tailor customer journeys
  • launched new widgets on branded landing pages and user’s account page
  • built new retargeting strategies on HP

Simultaneously Cdiscount have never stopped executing AI/merchandising optimisation strategies by making the most of both their own and Crownpeak algorithms.

Incredible work Cdiscount!

Merchandising Legend Winner: Le Col

Merchandising Legend Winner: Le Col

Nominees: Sephora, Asos, Maisons du Monde

The Merchandising Legend award celebrates a customer who successfully uses merchandising to increase agility, automate tasks and empower onsite merchandisers to focus on strategy and creativity.

Since the beginning of the year, Le Col has been making big improvements on the way they use XO to deploy their merchandising strategies across their website and emails. The team are now:

  • Using 4 different tenants to address a more personalised recommendation based on their shoppers’ behaviour from their 4 main global markets.
  • Restructuring their widgets configuration towards an overall customer journey with their brand, instead of specific use cases for the specific touchpoint (PDP, PLPs etc).
  • Enhancing their tracker deployment and items data in order to facilitate a more complex and dynamic configuration across their entire website, recommending not only products, but bundles too.
  • Working on deploying a brand new initiative to cater specifically to their members, so they have a personalised journey based on their experience with the brand, as well as encourage physical exercise and purchases to achieve higher discounts and benefits.

Le Col leverage a healthy mix of several AI algorithms, yet remain in complete creative control of their merchandising.

Amazing work Le Col!


Nominees: Selfridges & Co, Mountain Warehouse

The Search Disruptor award celebrates a customer who successfully delivers accurate and relevant results to shoppers; effectively optimising zero & low confidence search results and further optimising those results to boost and promote key products and brands.

The JD Sports team have been working hard to reduce zero result searches to elevate the customer experience.

Impressive work JD Sports!

Team of the Year Winner: ASOS

Team of the Year Winner: ASOS

Nominees: PVH, Dr. Martens

The Team of the Year award celebrates a customer with a ‘well-oiled machine’ of a merchandising/trading team, one that demonstrates operation excellence in the use of our tools.

ASOS have organised their structure to maximise the results they can get through our product discovery technology, and each member of the team is a super user within their particular scope. The team also displays excellent progression opportunities, as the solution experts have ownership of specific projects and make continuous ASOS-wide improvements.

Great work Asos!