Crownpeak’s business continuity plan for the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic

13 Mar 2020
Posted by Crownpeak
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This post is about Crownpeak's response to the coronavirus disease and pandemic. The health and safety of everyone including you, your family, colleagues, employees, and customers -- remains the primary issue. At the end of this blog post, there are a number of links to help educate yourself about the outbreak and how to be prepared for what's to come.

The coronavirus pandemic is causing significant disruptions in global travel, business operations, stock markets, and day-to-day life. We wanted to let you know how Crownpeak is responding to these disruptions so you can rely on us as partners even in these difficult times.

We are evaluating the situation daily and implementing our response based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. and UK health authorities (see full list below).

Changes in employee policies

Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees and we are committed to operating in a way that's consistent with that priority. To do so, we have implemented these temporary changes:

  • No business travel. All business travel, including customer-facing travel, is temporarily prohibited.
  • All employees will temporarily work remotely.

By prohibiting business travel and moving employees to remote work, the opportunities for exposure to the virus will be minimized for every employee and their families. And, should an employee be exposed, there will be reduced risk in spreading the virus throughout our workforce.

Continuing standard employee policies

Crownpeak has a long-standing flexible time-off policy in the U.S., and a generous vacation and sick leave policy in the UK. These policies ensure that our employees are able to take the time to get well as needed.

Support for customers

Our organization is already prepared for remote work in global locations and every employee can continue to operate securely even if outside of one of our physical offices. We, therefore, will be able to fully support our customers with our standard SLAs and support offerings throughout this period.

Continuing communication

As conditions change, we'll continue to keep you informed on Crownpeak's plans.

If you have any questions about our coronavirus response - or anything else - you can contact us at any time through the Crownpeak Community , our support portal , or your CSM.


If you'd like to inform yourself around coronavirus and how to prepare and protect yourself, please consider using these government resources:

I know we join everyone in hoping for the best possible outcome of this historical outbreak and that the world returns to some level of normalcy in the next few months.


Ravi Kumaraswami

CEO, Crownpeak