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27 Aug 2020
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The headless technology space is booming, as digital experience and web content management vendors rush to satisfy the market’s multi-channel expectations, and the demands of developers for modern, flexible and interoperable environments. Due to Crownpeak DXM’s true-SaaS and decoupled architecture, we’ve been ahead of the curve, able to deliver headlessly for years.

In fact, Crownpeak DXM has taken the concept of headless CMS even further with Headless 2.0, a choice of architecture that allows us to support all the developer benefits of headless and provide all the content management capabilities authors, editors and marketers need to effectively do their job. This one-two punch for supporting developers and marketers allows our customers to achieve breath-taking increases in speed and agility – while being completely future-proof.

There’s some confusion about headless CMS because the original headless category referred to solutions that acted as content repositories only, without any ability to publish experiences. That’s why, at Crownpeak, we talk about “Headless 2.0”: A fully supported, API-driven content repository coupled with a robust content management and authoring environment, plus the ability to publish that content as HTML, JSON, or any other format that makes sense for the experience being driven.

Wikipedia lists seven key advantages of headless . Here’s how Crownpeak DXM stacks up against them:

  • Omnichannel readiness: Content in Crownpeak DXM can be extracted via API for use in any circumstance or published to any format and delivered to any device, providing support across all channels.
  • Low operating costs: Crownpeak DXM is a true multi-tenant SaaS solution meaning customers do not need to manage infrastructure, servers, maintenance or upgrades, dramatically reducing the operating costs of the solution.
  • Reduces time to market: Because Crownpeak DXM is architected to support modern, agile development practices, new experiences can be built up to 10x faster than on monolithic solutions.
  • Easy to use: Crownpeak supports form-based editing, inline editing (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) and drag-and-drop page creation, making it one of the easiest-to-use solutions.
  • Flexibility: Decoupled architecture allows organizations to use the programming languages, content structures and site generation methodologies that work best for their team and goals.
  • Cloud scalability: Crownpeak is a true multi-tenant SaaS platform allowing transparent scaling.
  • System security: Crownpeak carries its own SOC2 and FISMA certifications, making it the most secure enterprise CMS. As our content can be delivered via API or sent to a CDN for consumption in our serverless hosting mode, it has a dramatically reduced susceptibility to DDoS attacks.

As you can see, with Headless 2.0, Crownpeak DXM delivers all the advantages of headless that developers have come to demand. But unlike classic, first-generation solutions, it does all this without compromising marketer autonomy. Indeed, Crownpeak DXM was built with marketers in mind, providing direct access to all the enterprise-grade WCM features marketers and content contributors need to create and deliver exceptional quality digital experiences, including:

  • Content structure & re-use
  • Multi-site and multi-language support
  • Workflows & governance
  • In-line editing
  • WYSIWYG page creation
  • Automatic WCAG 2.0 accessibility scanning & testing
  • Built-in SEO validation
  • Integrated publishing to any content format
  • And more…

To get a feel for how Crownpeak’s Headless 2.0 feature-set helps both developers and marketers, check out our infographic .

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