Crownpeak and Netlify collaborate to future-proof brands against the changing digital landscape

26 Oct 2023
Posted by Crownpeak
Crownpeak and Netlify collaborate to future-proof brands against the changing digital landscape

[Denver, 10/25/2023] — Crownpeak, the leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions provider, and Netlify, the renowned cloud computing and hosting platform, are thrilled to announce a partnership that will empower businesses to deliver exceptional digital experiences effortlessly.

Crownpeak has long been recognized for its expertise in web content management and digital experience solutions. With a focus on enabling organizations to create, manage, and optimize content across various digital channels, Crownpeak has been a trusted partner for enterprises worldwide.

Netlify, on the other hand, has revolutionized web hosting and deployment, offering an all-in-one solution that simplifies the process of building and delivering modern web projects. Its global Content Delivery Network (CDN), serverless functions, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) capabilities have made it a go-to option for developers seeking efficiency and scalability.

The partnership between Crownpeak and Netlify represents a convergence of strengths. Together, they aim to provide businesses with the tools and capabilities needed to enhance digital experiences and drive engagement across the web. Key highlights of this partnership include:

  • Seamless Integration: Crownpeak's CMS, FirstSpirit seamlessly integrates with Netlify's hosting and deployment platform, enabling businesses to manage content, deliver personalized experiences, and deploy web projects more efficiently than ever before.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Netlify's global CDN and serverless functions complement Crownpeak's CMS, ensuring that websites and applications can handle traffic spikes while maintaining fast load times and low latency.
  • Simplified Workflow: The partnership streamlines the development and deployment process. Developers can now harness the combined capabilities of Crownpeak and Netlify, resulting in faster time-to-market for digital initiatives.
  • Optimized Performance: Businesses can now leverage Crownpeak's personalization and optimization features alongside Netlify's CDN, resulting in optimized website performance and better user experiences.
  • Enhanced Security: Crownpeak and Netlify both prioritize security and compliance, providing businesses with robust protection for their digital assets and customer data.

Crownpeak and Netlify share the vision for a composable future where developers and marketers alike enjoy ultimate agility to bring unique customer experiences to market. Netlify also met and exceeded several requirements Crownpeak was looking for in a progressive web app (PWA) development and deployment infrastructure.

Together, the Crownpeak + Netlify duo offers an end-to-end web development and deployment solution with accessible, optimized content at the core. Crownpeak DXP solutions enable teams to rapidly create and distribute compliant and personalized content across digital touchpoints. Meanwhile, Netlify supercharges the development process to serve up these experiences quickly, supporting customer engagement and conversion through lightning speed, and reliable web performances.

"Crownpeak and Netlify are joining forces to empower businesses to deliver exceptional digital experiences that drive growth and engagement," said Christoph Feddersen, VP of Technical Product Management at Crownpeak. "Our partnership reflects our shared commitment to simplifying digital experience management and hosting, while fostering a composable approach for enterprise organizations to build powerful digital experience platforms."

"We're excited to partner with Crownpeak to bring together our composable web platform with their content management solution," said Steven Larsen, VP of Partnerships and Ecosystems at Netlify. "Together, we're enabling businesses to create, deploy, and scale their digital projects with ease, ensuring they can deliver the exceptional experiences their customers expect."

By harnessing the combined strengths of Crownpeak and Netlify, organizations can innovate at the speed of the business with unmatched flexibility rooted in its headless approach. Brands can deliver consistent, high-performing experiences, no matter the customer’s channel or location. The two also provide a future-proof, scalable architecture, enabling teams to create content once and repurpose for any channel on an infrastructure that meets your fluctuating growth, traffic, and performance demands. Seamless from start to end, the combined solutions unify cross functional teams on automated workflows with your all integrations and APIs together on one powerful serverless platform.

About Crownpeak

Crownpeak enables customers to create tailored digital experiences, to expand their brand and grow their revenue. Clients around the world including Unilever, Bosch, Nintendo, Asos and La Redoute trust Crownpeak’s cloud-native SaaS Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions to achieve their data-driven content goals and level up their digital experience initiatives. Founded in 2001, Crownpeak continues to expand their product suite, providing Content Management, Digital Accessibility and Quality and Product Discovery capabilities to empower customers to build their own customized and successful DXP. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Crownpeak has offices in cities across the globe, including Amsterdam, Dortmund, London, Münster, Newcastle and Paris. For more information, please visit .

About Netlify

Netlify is the Composable Web Platform for enterprises to build highly-performant and dynamic websites, e-commerce stores, and web apps. By uniting an extensive ecosystem of technologies, services and APIs into one workflow, Netlify unlocks new levels of team productivity, while saving time and money.

With more than 4M developers and world-class brands like Riot Games, Unilever, Twilio and Mattel, Netlify is the creator of the Jamstack movement, bringing together all modern web frameworks, serverless functions and edge computing into one platform to deliver unmatched user experiences, serving the needs of developers, architects, and marketers. Learn more at