Content Personalization in the World of DXPs | On Demand

Digital experience technology has evolved from Content Management Systems (CMS) to Web Experience Management platforms (WEM) and now to Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). We know more about our customers than ever, and we have more ways to reach them, but as capabilities grow, so does technological complexity. A DXP is not a single technology, but many working together in concert, and understanding which pieces are necessary and how to choose them can be difficult. Two areas that are core for any modern digital enterprise are content and personalization.

In this webinar, experts from Crownpeak, Dynamic Yield, and Renegade help organizations understand how content and personalization technologies fit together in the DXP landscape and ways they can leverage them together to create higher converting experiences.

In this webinar, you learn about:

  • The technology that makes up a modern Digital experience platform
  • The key differences and overlaps between a DXP and personalization engine
  • Best practices for integrating Crownpeak and Dynamic Yield
  • Use case examples that you can implement to increase engagement, conversion, and revenue


Andy Wood, Founder, Renegade Agency

Over 20 years digital strategy experience in-house at Ford Motor Company, and UK & European agencies. Speaker on digital strategy, contributor to syllabus at Rutgers & Oxford Brookes Universities.

Albert Liu, Channel Director, Dynamic Yield

Progressive minded sales professional with a strong management background. 15+ years of experience in management positions varying from retail environments to the corporate level. Experienced in online marketing and product marketing, helping to drive brand initiatives to move products.

Phil Morton, European Partner Account Manager, Crownpeak

Experienced digital business leader with over 20 years' global practice in bringing creative teams, processes, technology and management together to solve the most challenging problems in digital marketing communication, customer experience mapping, strategy and planning, Enterprise Content Management, Headless CMS, Digital Quality Management, Digital Asset Management and Consent Experiences.

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