Solutions built to scale across geographies at lightning speed

Rapidly deploy high-quality websites in new markets as quickly as your business expands, without stressing out your internal tech team.

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Designed for explosive growth

Extend your digital footprint as quickly as market forces demand

Your company’s trajectory shouldn’t be compromised by your ability to swiftly deploy digital marketing initiatives.

Too often, tech companies miss deadlines because they’re relying on the same development team that’s engineering their products, to build their digital experiences.

That’s why choosing a solution that easily scales and gives marketers control over managing their own campaigns and initiatives is so critical. With Crownpeak DXM and DQM cloud-based solutions, you get support, maintenance, and upgrades included in the licensing costs so your dev department can focus on adding value to your business.

  • Launch new websites from scratch in as little as six weeks.
  • Add new sites as often as you need them with unlimited scalability on a unified SaaS platform.
  • Create content in the Crownpeak DXM platform and publish it to any digital touchpoint built on any platform, or technology (not just Crownpeak).
  • Manage your brand identity centrally while enabling regional teams to publish content based on local cultural, lingual, and regulatory needs.
  • Create a marketing technology eco-system with over 60 pre-built connectors to solutions like Demand Base, Marketo, Salesforce.
  • Increase conversions with personalized content and offers based on a variety of user data.
  • Optimize your messaging by creating landing pages and conducting A/B tests directly in the platform.
  • Run reports across all your digital experiences to monitor whether correct branded assets and images are being used consistently.
  • Improve your search engine rankings with SEO tools that flag broken links, images without alt tags, content that isn’t optimized and template issues.
Where we excel
Here are some of the more popular digital marketing challenges we solve for high tech companies.
Accelerating launches icon
Accelerating website launches

Launch websites in weeks not months with our cloud-based DXM platform

 Streamlining multi-site management
Streamlining multi-site management

Manage hundreds of websites and other digital experiences from one platform

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Maximizing SEO

Ensure your websites are optimized for search with our automated DQM solution

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Ensuring scalability & availability

Easily grow your digital footprint up or down to support demand

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Empowering global deployment & localization

Expand to new markets with speed while delivering culturally relevant experiences

Why application leaders cannot meet market needs with monolithic digital experience platforms.
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