How to Make Your Website Compliant with the GDPR

A 5-step guide to help organizations manage the transparency and consent requirement of the game-changing legislation

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GDPR Website Compliance Cover Page

Assure Your Website is GDPR Compliant

In order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies are under pressure to get a handle on their website data collection activities and build new processes to manage them.

With the vast amount of customer information being collected on any given website, it’s no surprise that achieving compliance presents a daunting undertaking for most organizations.

But the challenges need to be swiftly addressed to avoid hefty penalties and fines. How to get there, especially when it comes to obtaining consumer consent, is a question many seem to be saving for the last minute.

In this eBook “How to Make Your Website Compliant with the GDPR,” you’ll learn:

  • A five-step process for achieving compliance with the GDPR consent requirements as they relate to your website
  • How to map your digital supply chain and uncover any third-party data collection taking place on your website
  • When it’s necessary to obtain valid consent to collect customer data, and examples of circumstances when it’s not required
  • The top personal data rights under the GDPR that companies must account for as they develop a privacy rights infrastructure