How organizations are using DQM to assist with COVID-19 digital content

3 May 2020
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Crownpeak's Digital Quality Management (DQM) solution has been helping customers create custom checkpoints for content on their digital properties for over 20 years. In fact, some of you may remember DQM's earlier incarnation as ActiveStandards.

Used by many global companies , DQM helps organizations manage websites, channels, and distributed digital teams to improve the quality and consistency of their digital touchpoints. DQM helps teams monitor their websites against digital policies and standards – both out-of-the-box and customized – from a centralized dashboard. Errors and inconsistencies are automatically flagged, and issues are highlighted on each page to make them easy to fix.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has led to rapidly changing situations and high levels of uncertainty around the world, and it is more important than ever to manage your digital content in real-time and provide excellent customer experiences. We've discovered that some of our customers are using DQM to help navigate the current challenges on their digital properties by creating company-relevant custom checkpoints.

Custom checkpoints

Custom checkpoints in DQM help companies monitor content based on their individual needs. For example, custom checkpoints are often used on press releases for publicly traded companies. A press release page that contains specific language regarding financials or impacts to the current economic environment needs to have a forward-looking statement disclosure present on the page. Or when a financial company has a mortgage rate on a site, they need to include a disclaimer regarding the possible fluctuations in the market rates on a page. DQM custom checkpoints ensure that no pages are published without the appropriate disclaimers.

Marketing teams are racing to get content regarding COVID-19 to their clients and the public. With the dynamic nature of this unprecedented event, it is necessary to empower a digital team for agility, while setting up guard rails to help them move quickly.

Here's how some of our DQM customers are using the system to help create, monitor, and manage COVID-19 content.


  • Flagging content without the necessary disclaimer
  • Example: Using the financial checkpoint above, if the new rates are published without the disclaimer on certain pages, you would be able to review and correct the issue.
  • Flagging content with language issues
  • Example: If you're publishing a lot of content about the virus, maintain consistency and prevent confusion around how you render corona virus, COVID-19, coronavirus, or your preferred in-house style.


  • Report all pages that contain "COVID-19," "virus," "social distancing," or other related items.
    How this helps: Track where different teams are adding content, and later, go back and remove/update the content as needed.
  • Create reports to allow for easy access to update content across digital properties.
    How this helps: Understand where the content resides and plan your update.


Setting up customer checkpoints for pages containing the word COVID-19, COVID, or Coronavirus.

  • For a healthcare website, pages may need to include a statement to call a physician or medical care provider for more information.
  • For a publicly traded company the pages may need to include a forward-looking statement since the virus may have an impact on the company's future earnings.
  • Companies may look to ensure that pages including the words listed must not contain other non-related words.


We applaud the efforts of those companies and individuals who are racing to keep their customers informed of constantly changing information regarding this pandemic, across all business verticals.

If you are a current customer of Crownpeak using DQM and would like to discuss how you can implement any of the monitoring items here, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager today.

If you want to know more about the full capabilities for DQM, including ADA compliance, SEO management, and Usability, please get started here.

If you have examples of how DQM is helping you deal with real-time challenges, please share with us in the Crownpeak Community .

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