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Crownpeak Products

  • Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit)
  • Digital Experience Platform

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Strategic Services

Experience Design / UX / Creative, Crownpeak Architecture / Developer / Implementation, Content Quality (SEO, Accessibility, etc.), Data Governance / Consent Management, Systems Integrations


The customer experience experts at Pinuts stand for an outstanding user experience with future-proof and holistic inter- and intranet solutions. As integration specialists, we rely on clever ideas, customized concepts and innovative technologies.

With our established product, Universal Messenger, we offer an officially certified on-premise solution for legally compliant e-mail marketing that is distributed via Crownpeak. In addition, Universal Messenger can also be seamlessly connected to the Crownpeak CMS customer experience pipeline as a profiling & segmentation engine for comprehensive website personalization and real-time targeting. You can find more information about our scope of services here .

We are the right Crownpeak partner for you!