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Content Quality (SEO, Accessibility, etc.), Experience Design / UX / Creative, eCommerce, Systems Integrations

m&r Kreativ

m&r Kreativ GmbH was established in Saarbruecken in 1984. The company is part of a network and partner, among others, of e-Spirit and SAP Hybris.

As experienced technical implementation partner with long term project know-how, we develop with our clients integrated IT solutions for web and mobile applications as well as e-commerce portals, digital signage solutions and complex corporate platforms.

In our headquarters in Saarbruecken, more than 150 employees work hand-in-hand for several customers in different business fields. Along with our qualified marketing specialists and creative minds of the advertising agency, post-production, photo studio, film production we offer, besides our technical expertise, content creation and a comprehensive consulting concerning trade and online marketing, social media and marketing automation.