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Crownpeak Products

  • Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit)
  • Digital Experience Platform

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Strategic Services

Crownpeak Architecture / Developer / Implementation, Systems Integrations, Content Quality (SEO, Accessibility, etc.)

I-D Media Group

Technical and Creative Digital Agency for FirstSpirit

Our ambitious development team of highly-qualified web developers is constantly diving into new web technologies to gain and remain a broadly spread know how.

Our digital strategy helps you plan for today and road map for tomorrow. Creative brand concepts help you engage customers and capture imaginations in the digital space. Design and user experience provides expertly executed interfaces design based around a user-centred design methodology.

Out technical expertise enables us to offer full cms, retail, application management and social collaboration platforms. I-D Media Group is an and-to-end solution provider with a full-service offering.

Our agency network I-D Media Group is an end-to-end solution provider with about 180 employees.