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An innovative digital agency with a mission: added value for brands through added value for people.

denkwerk is owner-managed and stands as one of the most creative digital agencies in Germany. In four locations (Cologne/Berlin/Munich/Hamburg), denkwerk employs 230 experts from 19 nations and shapes the digital transformation for leading brands and companies. denkwerk positions itself in the top 10 of the most creative digital agencies in Germany and secured the 3rd place in the Creative Ranking by the Association of the Digital Economy in 2018.

Creativity and Technology in Unity

Building upon our services - "Planning – Business Invention – Digital Design – Communication – Technology – Change" - we wholeheartedly emphasize collective creativity throughout all stages of work. Together, we design and develop digital products, tailor-made e-commerce solutions, and platforms that are not only technologically refined but also precisely aligned with individual customer needs in all aspects. We craft campaigns and brand content that is worth sharing. The objective: to simplify and enhance people's everyday lives.

User experiences that pay off

All of this is achieved with a steadfast focus on users. In close collaboration with our clients and with the knack for turning industry norms upside down. Passion and dynamism, integrated thinking, and agile processes lead to the swiftest attainment of optimal outcomes.