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das Büro am Draht GmbH


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das Büro am Draht GmbH

Büro am Draht is a leading partner in the integration of complex web and portal applications, CMS, mobile and responsive applications to technical consulting in the online realm.

For over 20 years, we have been supporting various industries in Germany with digitalization, operating centrally from our office in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Our services encompass design, conceptualization, consulting, implementation, integration, and operation of web applications – from data supply and backend systems to frontend, whether desktop or mobile, on an enterprise scale. Moreover, we provide strategic support in advancing existing IT landscapes, evaluating current systems, processes, and structures, and with a holistic perspective, we devise suggestions to tackle the challenges of digitalization and the perpetual changes in the IT landscape.

Our team comprises experts in all common technologies, frameworks, and platforms within the web domain, adhering to industry standards. Rather than pursuing isolated solutions, we integrate our offerings into systems that consist of existing in-house developments and standard solutions. We comprehend that the path to the cloud and towards microservices serves specific business goals, such as Time-To-Value, rather than being an end in itself.

Thanks to our steadfast approach, methodologies, minimal staff turnover, and extensive experience in collaborating with clients, we are adept at expeditiously adopting, executing, and delivering services to end customers – all above the average pace.