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At ATCS, we are a US-based IT company with 10 offices worldwide spread across three countries that drive the current global economy: China, the USA, and Germany.

Our focus is on driving digital transformation for our customers. Our consultants assist customers in defining use cases and creating IT concepts. Working alongside our developers, we then translate these conceived use cases and IT concepts into reality using an agile process model.

Thanks to a unique off-shoring model and our local project managers, we can implement our projects with the expected quality and speed while still offering our customers a cost-optimized development team.

We believe that our dedicated employees are the main reason we consistently achieve our goal: to generate the highest level of customer satisfaction. This belief was reaffirmed in 2018 when ATCS India was named the number 1 IT company by Gallup for its dedicated employees.

ATCS can assist you with the introduction of FirstSpirit and with extensions for customer-specific functions. With an agile approach and a unique off-shoring strategy, we ensure the software is implemented with the expected quality and speed, all supported by a cost-optimized team.