[Webinar Recording] First Look at TagControl: Definitive Regulation of Technologies on Your Site

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First Look at TagControl | Wednesday, August 28, 2018

We are excited to give you a sneak peek at our upcoming feature release – TagControl. Coming in Q3, TagControl promises to finally complete the experience of Tag Auditor. That is, where Tag Auditor excels at pulling back the curtain on your website and providing unrivaled clarity into tags, cookies, parentage, and more, TagControl allows you to choose on a tag-by-tag basis, which technologies on your site reach your end users. Don’t like a tag? Simply turn it off. Love a tag but hate the vendors they work with? Keep the tag and shut down the unwanted excess. Adding a new tag to your site? One click will add it to your list of allowed tags. And since we are considering TagControl the completion of Tag Auditor, we plan to roll it out at no additional cost to all customers with a Tag Auditor Enterprise contract.

In this webinar we:

  • Discuss the use-cases and benefits of a tool like TagControl
  • Give a working demo of TagControl, and show what has been built so far
  • Discuss our beta program and invite all attending to participate
  • Hold a Q&A to answer any questions you may have