Rapid Responsiveness & High Value Engagement: How Digital Ecosystems Make or Break You in Today’s Unpredictable Environment | On Demand

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In today’s volatile environment, the only way to thrive is by breaking free from traditional transactional models and constraints in order to engage clients and prospects responsively and solve their problems.

An emerging set of leaders are thriving in these changing times by pivoting hard from slower moving transactional frameworks to high value, responsive interaction models. Laggards are stuck, often dependent on limited IT resources or time-consuming processes, and unable to be agile when clients need answers and solutions to problems more than ever.

In this fast-paced webinar, we show real-world scenarios and practical examples that can help your business pivot and solve the immediate challenges that your clients are facing today.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Digital ecosystem DO’s and DON’Ts and how to break free from all-to-common constraints
  • Effective decision-making frameworks that deliver unprecedented results
  • Several industry examples of how new interactions and digital experiences are catapulting legacy businesses forward
  • Inventive solutions that resolve long-standing content challenges for brands and industries


Eric Feige Littman headshot

Eric Feige, Managing Director, VShift
Eric leads Strategy at VShift, a New York City-based digital agency that helps transform regulated industries clients. Eric is a digital strategy veteran having led business transformations for a wide array of financial services firms including Prudential and J.P. Morgan. Eric has also served as Head of Digital for professional service giants where he digitized high impact parts of their business models. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.

Ian Lowe headshot

Ian Lowe, VP Marketing at Crownpeak
Ian leads Crownpeak’s marketing and communications department where he is responsible for generating demand and growing awareness for the world’s only enterprise-grade SaaS CMS. With over 20 years of marketing and technology experience, he focuses on content management, martech, and customer experience. Connect with Ian on LinkedIn.