Choosing a WCM for Managing Multiple Websites and Brands

How to gain centralized control of your digital experiences

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Choose a Web Content Management Platform to Help You Stay Efficient and Consistent

As the digital touchpoints needed to reach customers continue to multiply, managing them has become increasingly complex, especially for companies with numerous brands and a global presence.

Gaining corporate oversight, managing approvals and workflows, and ensuring brand consistency are colossal hurdles, nearly impossible to achieve when teams are distributed and multiple web content management systems are being used.

By using a singular platform, organizations gain cost and operational efficiency and centralized control that enables them to ensure brand consistency, leverage a global library of reusable assets and templates, and standardize quality across divisions and regions.

In this eBook, “Choosing a WCM for Managing Multiple Websites and Brands”, you’ll learn:

  • What to look for in a multisite web content management solution
  • Common challenges marketers responsible for multiple websites and how they are solving them
  • The advantages of consolidating your multiple WCMs into a single SaaS platform
  • A list of requirements to include in your RFP for a multisite management solution