Gilbane: Looking Outside the CMS Box for Enterprise Website Digital Governance

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Gilbane Beacon Analyst Research Digital Governance


More and more companies are finding that today’s rapidly-evolving content requirements are pushing the limits of their CMS when it comes to efficient, effective website governance. Despite the best content management technologies, organizations still struggle with quality and compliance issues. Outdated content, inconsistencies and errors all erode the vital trust in your brand, and can put your company at risk of financial penalties.

These symptoms of broken governance are signs that the CMS alone is not enough for enterprise-wide control and administration of content standards and policies.


Included in this report:

This paper is designed to help web and content management professionals sort through the issues of where and how content quality and compliance are best managed within their organization. It aims to answer the following questions:

  • What are the critical content governance risks and issues facing the organization?
  • Is your CMS implementation meeting these challenges?
  • What solutions are available to address governance needs that are not addressed by CMS?