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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak December 01, 2016

Map the Buyer's Journey in 10 Minutes

Template for Mapping the Buyer's Journey

With access to vast amounts of information, data and reviews at their fingertips, customers now take the initiative not only to research solutions in the consideration stage of the purchase funnel, but now mid-funnel they’re educating themselves about specific product offerings using a self-guided approach. So much so, that they’ve often already answered their own questions and concerns before they’ve even spoken with a representative from your company.

Worse, in some cases they’ve chosen a competitor’s product over yours simply because they could get the information they needed from that company’s website or app more readily than they could from yours. Or, the competitor had such a compelling digital strategy that they managed to get your potential customer’s contact information, so they could begin marketing to them early in the process.

Given the litany of ways you can now lose a sale before you even know you’re in the running is a major reason mapping the buyer’s journey has become such a compelling call to arms for digital marketers.

Only by understanding where the human versus digital touches play a role in the conversion process, can you confidently craft a marketing strategy that enables you to reach your prospects with the right content at the right time.

Beyond guiding your energy and initiatives appropriately, the buyer’s journey is also instrumental for determining where to invest your digital marketing dollars and providing a rationale to the c-suite that supports your budget requests.

Yet despite the broad buy-in from marketers across industries that a buyer’s journey is vital to shaping an effective marketing strategy, many still haven’t taken the time to build their customer personas, or plot their pathway through the buyer’s journey.

That’s why we created this 10-minute template, designed for busy marketers like you. With the right guidance and a few minutes, getting started is actually easier than you think.

In this free download, you’ll receive a short 3-step template that will take you through the process from start to finish.