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Cybersecurity posture: Web tag control and third-party risk management
January 22, 2020
In part two of this two-blog post series, we’ll cover the four categories of cyber risk, and how effective tag management can protect your company.
Posted by Darren Guarnaccia
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Speed and the Buffalo Theory: New Crownpeak product features for December 2019
December 19, 2019
New Crownpeak products this month include an improved and redesigned consent dashboard, and an external publishing beta, among other exciting developments.
Posted by Casey Vick
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Hidden web tags and your data: How to keep core business assets protected
December 18, 2019
In this blog post, we’ll look at four key business assets and how effective tag management can protect them from the risks associated with hidden web tags.
Posted by Gabe Morazan
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Hidden web tags and your data: New risks across the board
December 13, 2019
Hidden web tags, also called piggyback tags, expose your company to four core business risks. Fortunately, taking a proactive approach to tag management can help reduce these risks.
Posted by Gabe Morazan
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Preparing for the CCPA and the next wave of privacy regulations
October 23, 2019
Having trouble understanding all the terms around the CCPA? We compiled this glossary of terms which will guide you through the CCPA.
Posted by Gabe Morazan
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How CMO Trends Drive the Industry
October 1, 2019
Defining the role of CMO today requires looking not only at the marketing arena but also across multiple business functions, from cultural to financial, creative to analytical.
Posted by Ian Lowe
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How big a hurt could CCPA non-compliance bring?
September 9, 2019
How big of a hurt can your company suffer with CCPA non-compliance? We'll walk you through the latest regulations, fines and penalties.
Posted by Gabe Morazan
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The Case for Customer Centricity in GDPR Compliance
August 20, 2019
Only 31 percent of consumers think their overall experience has improved since the introduction of GDPR and 40 percent don’t feel companies take data breaches seriously, according to a recent Marketing Week study.
Posted by Ian Lowe
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What the British Airways Fine Can Teach Publishers About Online Security
August 15, 2019
British Airways’ (BA) £183 million fine signals more than a definite end to the GDPR grace period.
Posted by Gabe Morazan