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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak December 12, 2013

Changes in Web Content Management Tools

As the holiday season approaches, everyone starts thinking about the things they are thankful for. Even in business, it might be a good time for a reflection.

New Year

Marketing news site ClickZ has released a list of 10 online marketing trends that business should be thankful for this year. While the list is directed more at consumer advertising, a few points definitely stand out as trends that B2B marketers can really take advantage of. At the core of these positive trends is an increased need for state-of-the-art enterprise web content management systems.

Changes in mobile:

Marketers have finally realized the true power of mobile devices. In the B2B world, mobile means more contact with potential buyers. While users can pick and choose between the personal and business use of their smartphones, mobile content does expand the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. window that would traditionally be reserved for B2B marketing campaigns.

Content is overtaking social media:

In the B2B market, 140 characters or less is not enough to make a sale. While Twitter and social media sites are great platforms for advertising your content, they need to be the tip of the iceberg. Marketers are starting to realize that when it comes to content, quality and relevance (and not just SEO) should be at the forefront. In 2014, well-crafted content will be a key player in the buyer's journey through the funnel.

There are a lot of new tools:

From better email marketing to lead generation software, marketers have an ever-growing arsenal to grab potential sales leads. Best of all, the software is getting less complicated to use and less expensive to purchase. The big takeaway is that it is helping to put marketers in complete control of content creation and publication.

Changes in enterprise web content management tools

B2B marketers should also be thankful for all the new solutions for content management. For one thing, there are now mobile Web CMS systems that can help marketers get that high-quality, dynamic content to smartphones and tablets. The programs allow marketers to create mobile campaigns that are much more effective than in the past. Like content's move away from social media reliance, mobile is becoming a way to interact, not just generate leads.

SaaS is creating new opportunities for marketers and IT

Cloud-based Web CMS is also an exciting new feature. SaaS solutions for content management mean that marketers have access to software that is less expensive and also accessible for more points. For global organizations, SaaS also means that experts in unique markets will all have access to the same software and tools.

New CMS solutions for marketers also provide an ease of use that minimize the involvement of IT departments - something these professionals would probably add to its own "I'm thankful for" list. As 2013 draws to close, some of the most significant trends - and predictions - relate to cloud-based technology and mobile platforms. Both are growing by leaps and bounds and content managers that ignore them will have a lot less to be thankful about in 2014.