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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak December 01, 2016

The Financial Services Marketer’s Guide to Crafting Personas


It’s no secret that customers are conducting most of their business digitally these days, including their finances. So it makes sense to build customer experiences on the channels they’re using to research products and manage transactions.

But to the average person, the financial services industry is complex and overwhelming. Between banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, stock brokerages, and investment funds, understanding the difference between products and their benefits requires time and research.

Along with the territory comes a web of legal disclaimers, thorny terms and abstruse implications that must be sifted through in order to make a confident and educated decision.

That’s why marketers in the financial industry need to make sure they’re presenting customers with the information they want, when they want it, in a style that removes barriers like confusion and fear.

Once that’s acknowledged, the real work starts: marketing to a variety of potential customers with challenges that are equally complex.

So if the goal for your digital marketing is to engage (and hopefully convert) the specific prospects you’re after by using relevant content, the first order of business has to be to figure out just what’s “relevant” to your target.

To do that, financial marketers need to get into the head of their target, and understand his or her real wants and needs. That’s how you draw them into a buyer’s journey that ultimately nets out with a sale.

Marketing personas are the tool for doing that, and they’re key to extracting the most ROI from content marketing.

A marketing persona is a composite sketch of your target prospect, identifying their real needs and interests in your product, and are based on interviews with real buyers, customer service experiences and data.

Personas perform outstandingly for marketers who employ them…

To learn the 4-step process for building personas, download our free eBook, The Financial Services Marketer’s Guide to Crafting Personas.