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Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Consent Management Platform (CMP)
July 23, 2020
Your vendor decision has a big impact on how compliant your consent notices will be. Here are three things to consider when choosing a CMP.
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Why marketers need to double down on privacy and preference management now
June 25, 2020
As people spend more time online, they’re choosing to interact with brands that safeguard their data & privacy. Here’s why marketers should double down on both.
Posted by Bill Gouslin
A legal perspective on how to win the war against cookie consent fatigue
June 15, 2020
Instead of confronting customers with a one-size-fits-all consent banner, here are seven tips for building trust & creating value in the privacy experience.
Posted by William Littman
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GDPR and what it means for big data companies in the U.S.
May 28, 2020
GDPR compliance in the U.S. is a fact of operational life for U.S.-based global marketers, but with the right digital compliance tools, big data marketing isn’t out of reach. In fact, by demonstrating how you value customer privacy, too, they’ll help you make it more attainable and effective than ever.
Posted by Ian Lowe
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The gift of hard lessons learned by Zoom’s security and privacy issues
April 14, 2020
More people than ever are using video conferencing tools. Here’s what Zoom got wrong when it came to security and privacy, and what we can learn from their mistakes.
Posted by Darren Guarnaccia
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Crownpeak in Forrester Wave Privacy Management Software Report
March 30, 2020
Recently, Forrester released “The Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020 report,” which details the 15 vendors that matter most in privacy and how they stack up. Read the full report.
Posted by Darren Guarnaccia
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Why every day needs to be “Data Privacy Day” in our data-driven economy
January 28, 2020
Even with numerous consumer data protections in place, there is still much work to be done. Here’s why data protection should be top of mind, every day.
Posted by Darren Guarnaccia
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Implement your organization’s consent practices in a compliant way
January 17, 2020
Becoming compliant with new regulations shouldn’t be an option
Posted by Darren Guarnaccia
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Preparing for the CCPA and the next wave of privacy regulations
October 23, 2019
Having trouble understanding all the terms around the CCPA? We compiled this glossary of terms which will guide you through the CCPA.
Posted by Gabe Morazan