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Woman Working GDPR Web Compliant
How to Make Your Website Compliant with the GDPR – Step 1: Map Your Digital Supply Chain
February 5, 2018
Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), everything you’ve taken for granted when it comes to data collection on your website is now coming to an end.
Posted by Crownpeak
Crownpeak and Sitecore
Digital Quality Management Connector Now Available for Sitecore Experience Platform
November 30, 2017
We are excited to announce the release of a new integration between Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM) and Sitecore Experience Platform. The connector was built by global digital agency Cognifide, a trusted development partner, in conjunction with Crownpeak resources.
Posted by Sherrylynn Heise
Building Trust in Digital Age
Building Trust in the Digital Age
August 10, 2017
Last week, we announced that through a strategic acquisition, Evidon, the leading tech privacy company, is now part of Crownpeak. Its SaaS-based solutions for consent, monitoring and compliance covering the digital ecosystem will now be part of our product line. As the dust settles and we begin to work through the logistics of how we’ll combine the two companies, we’re brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation
Posted by Crownpeak
Person working in a cafe
Mobile SEO for Search Ranking in a Mobile-First World
April 5, 2017
What percentage of traffic to your website are mobile visitors? For the majority of companies, the analytics will reveal that more than 50% of your visitors are on phones and tablets.
Posted by Mike Valentine (RealitySEO)
Man writing on chalkboard
B2B Growth Podcast: 3 Ways to Manage Your Digital Hygiene
December 7, 2016
With a staggering glut of blog posts, white papers, ebooks, infographics, webinars and more being published with constancy, it’s no surprise that the next frontier of WCM is quality management. The only surprise is that this vital step wasn’t detected by most marketers’ radar until recently.
Posted by Crownpeak
Risk Vs Reduce
The Risks of Website Personalization in Highly Regulated Industries
September 29, 2016
In a 2016 survey conducted by Forrester on Digital Experience Delivery, 75% of respondents said they intend to personalize more of their web content, with web CMS tools as their top technology choice to accomplish this. However, for some companies that's a pursuit wrought with steep penalties if it's not done to the letter of the law.
Posted by Crownpeak
Man in office
Why Your Website Is Probably Serving Errors Right Now
August 16, 2016
A Web Content Management (WCM) platform or a Content Management System (CMS) is designed to let users publish and manage website content with speed and ease. A good WCM solution works incredibly well at this. But where it fails is at ensuring the quality and consistency of that content.
Posted by Crownpeak
Digital Quality Management WCM
[eBook] What Is Digital Quality Management (DQM)?
August 10, 2016
As the buyer's journey evolves to include more digital touchpoints, brands need to make sure they're producing engaging digital experiences at every turn. That means developing relevant content and delivering it to the appropriate touchpoint, at just the right time.
Posted by Crownpeak
Happy casual team meeting in a coffee shop
How Digital Quality Management Empowers Your Best
April 27, 2016
Like most businesses, you probably rely on a range of digital platforms and channels to drive sales and maximize profits. Ensuring a high quality, standards-compliant customer experience across every digital touchpoint is a major challenge.How do you take control?
Posted by Tom Golden