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SaaS WCM Architecture Allows for Massive Parallel Development
July 18, 2012
Perhaps the most important business problem Crownpeak solves massively large parallel development for large organizations with many web sites. Centrally managed web content management services delivered with last-generation products create a terrible bottleneck to evolution and new project development.
Posted by Jim Howard
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IT and the Shared Service vs. SaaS Web Content Management
July 10, 2012
Enterprise IT organizations and/or eBusiness groups have created and run many of the most impressive Web Content Management (WCM) projects ever seen. These WCM shared services span hundreds of sites, integrate dozens of custom and 3rd party functions, and support entire global organizations.
Posted by Jim Howard
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WCM Is the Hub of Digital Marketing
June 27, 2012
Web Content Management (WCM) is the hub of digital marketing. It enables the creation and management of websites and the mobile web experience, and is the "feeder" application for customer data flowing into the CRM system.
Posted by Jim Howard