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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak November 11, 2013

SaaS WCM Flexible for Marketers, Easy for IT

When it comes to web content management, IT professionals and marketers often don’t see eye-to-eye on what’s working––and what’s not. Marketers are now the gatekeepers of content, but software continues to be mired in complex IT-dependent systems.

Both IT specialists and marketers are dissatisfied. In a recent article, Forbes cites an SDL survey that reports 70% are unhappy with aspects of their current web content management.

True cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service systems built for marketers can finally move content management into the next era of dynamic, targeted and flexible web experiences.

WCM made for marketers

Just how content creators always keep the consumer in mind when developing stories, organizations should keep marketers in mind when selecting an enterprise content management system.

It makes sense for marketers––the people most attuned to consumers’ needs and interests––to control the entire flow of content, from creation to delivery. But most content management systems aren’t built this way.

Putting marketers ahead of IT departments can lessen stress for both groups. IT professionals won't need to manage software that is exclusively for marketing purposes, and marketers won't need to go through IT to make simple changes and updates.

Better control and speed with SaaS 

Organizations can also improve content management with systems that allow B2B professionals in different departments and regions to access content. Some organizations need to manage multiple brands targeted at different markets. Localization of this content is much simpler with cloud-based SaaS solutions.

SaaS cuts down on the licensing and on-site infrastructure investment associated with legacy systems, which involve heavy, time-consuming IT maintenance.

Cloud-based content software is especially helpful for B2B marketers who are managing content across many brands and in different countries. Regardless of location, all of the organization's marketers will have access to the same resources and software, ensuring the same quality of content across every website.