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Dan Hanley Posted by Dan Hanley October 20, 2015

Smarter Connections: Crownpeak and Cognifide Bring Digital Quality Management to AEM

Just six months ago, Crownpeak, in partnership with Cognifide, Europe's leading provider of AEM services, announced the integration of its market-leading SaaS platform for Digital Quality Management with AEM.

Since then, the award-winning integration has created quite a buzz. Dan Hanley, Chief Architect at Crownpeak, describes the journey and where we're heading next.

Crownpeak DQM for Adobe Experience Manager


As Chief Architect at Crownpeak, I am accustomed to a fast-paced development environment. But since the launch of our AEM Connector, my everyday sprint has been elevated to light speed.

What’s going on? To start, there’s been a good deal of excitement about the Connector - and with good reason.  While Adobe Experience Manager is a powerful solution for creating and managing content across digital channels, its robust feature set does not extend to quality management. Our AEM Connector embeds Crownpeak DQM's powerful quality and compliance functionality directly within the AEM environment, enabling content creators to check for policy and standards violations in real time, at the point of publication.

Crownpeak DQM’s AEM Connector is the only solution of its kind that provides direct integration with AEM. But more importantly, it provides immediate efficiencies and value to AEM users right out of the box.  Digital managers are facing multiplying risks, and there is huge interest in a solution that simplifies and operationalizes multi-site quality management. With AEM Connector, companies can enforce accurate, consistent content-driven experiences across their digital properties at scale and at speed.

Enabling global companies to put quality at the center of the publication process

We’ve had a fantastic response to the launch of the Connector from our clients. At Crownpeak we support the websites of some of the world’s biggest brands, and it’s great to see that the value proposition has been immediately recognized. Take this from Chris Muscutt, Digital Development Manager for Shell International:

“At Shell, our global web teams use Crownpeak DQM (formerly ActiveStandards) alongside AEM on a daily basis to protect the quality and compliance of our digital content… The AEM Connector will ultimately speed up time to market and continue to put quality and good governance right at the center of our publication process.”

“Game changer”

And speaking of validation, all of us at Crownpeak couldn’t have been more gratified when we were invited to showcase our AEM solution at April’s Adobe Summit EMEA. So imagine our delight when we won the “Industry Game-Changer” trophy in the Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Awards by both audience and Adobe votes!

But with this kind of momentum, our development team is not about to break pace. We are working hard to roll out the next version of the Connector, which will offer enhanced workflow and approvals capabilities, along with full support for AEM’s new Touch UI.

AEM Connector is part of our expanding suite of integrated commercial and technical solutions with several other leading CMS vendors, including Drupal,  SDL, and SiteCore. We also offer a powerful CMS Integration API, which clients can use to build their own custom integrations.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about the Crownpeak AEM Connector, or to arrange a demonstration